Come and Join Us for Lunch!
Lunch Bunch is an optional activity offered every day after school at St. Mary ELC. Children are invited to bring their lunches and join our wonderful staff for additional activities and fun, along with some relaxation time. 4 Para-Professionals stay with the children every day.

Lunch Bunch begins at the end of the school day (12:00) and ends at 2:30pm. Any child may bring his/her lunch and stay. There are no forms to fill out; just let your child's teacher know he/she will be staying and that's all there is to it! At the end of the month, you will receive a bill for $10.00 for each day that your child stayed.

Children staying for extra activities are welcome to stay for Lunch Bunch. These children will be taken to the programs at the correct time.

Daily Snacks
Nutritious snacks are served to the children mid-morning every day. Water, fruit and either crackers or cookies are available. If your child has special snack needs, please advice the ELC office.